Ground water treatment

We can convert pumps water to normal one , However it’s TDS percentage , you will have pure water with normal TDS percentage can using it in all your daily usage (drinking , cooking , etc….)Read More »

Nile water treatment

If your water has a strange smell or taste and you want to purify it , be sure that you are in the right place and we have all the means to do it.

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Sea water treatment

If your water is a sea water and you want to use it to irrigate your land and gardens or even for a personal usage,  we have all the means to do so. 

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One of the most important reasons for our strength and continuity during all these years is our reliance on the evaluation of our customers, accepting their advice and working to develop our service.

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within 15 years.
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Before choosing who will carry out your health responsibility , you must study and compare well to choose the right one, and this is what we always strive to be that one.

We do water analysis and good study before any implementation

All off our devices are of high quality and are registered under our company name as we are the only importers of them.

after-sales service is our priority starting from receiving complaints from the customer service, maintenance and breakdown department until making sure you are totally satisfied

One of the most important advantages and strengths points we have is the experience, cause it's more than 15 years in all areas of water treatment and we are considered one of the leaders in this field.

Additional to proper quality we have appropriate pricing for this quality, that's why we providing high quality with affordable prices

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Because we at Healthy Tech Group believe that a prosperous future depends on a strong past, and thanks to our experience and excellence in the field of water treatment, we were able to cooperate and win the trust of many large institutions and organizations.

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